Only $49.99/month for up to 10 city sold reports, trend indicators and an interactive local market statistics tool. Plus a hosted page for your clients to access the data!


Monthly Sold Reports, Trend Indicators, and Market Statistics Tool:
$49.99/month and $99 setup fee

Includes up to 10 cities for the Monthly Solds Reports and Trend Indicators and one area Market Statistics Tool.

No Long term contract. Cancel 48 hours before your automatic billing date and you will not be charged for the next month.

If you Subscribe today, and your page will be ready for you in less than a week. Paypal refers to this set-up time as a "Trial Period." This just means that you won't start being charged the monthly fee until your page is set-up.

  • Additional Monthly Solds Report and Trend Indicator- $3/month per city
  • Additional Market Statistics Tool- $10/month per area

Contact us if you are interested in adding more than 10 Market Solds Reports or 1 Market Statistic Tool to your Stats and Reports page. 1-805-669-7070 or