We tried many products in our own real estate business but found most were ineffective and expensive...
so we developed our own!

Our Products

Any successful Salesperson will tell you the importance of keeping in contact with your clients. You want their repeat business AND referrals. DaBest Solutions offer an Item of Value for you to send to your clients and prospects each month.

Sold Reports by City

We prepare a city report with the last month's sold listings. These reports prominently display the Agent's contact info at the top of every page. Home Sellers and Buyers want to keep up with the market and our reports are something that people will look forward to receive from you each month.

Trend Indicators

Use as Content for Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, web sites, Active Rain, and other Social Media sites. Post our Market Indicators on Facebook and Pinterest in seconds using our Share buttons.

Interactive Local Market Statistics Tool

Our custom-developed interactive statistics tool gives insight into a market that isn't available anywhere else. It's easy-to-use and easy for clients and prospects to see when a market is rebounding.

Each month, we email an Agent when thbeir reports and/or Statistics Tool have been updated and are ready to send to your clients. We prepare a "Stats and Reports page" that is protected by a username/password and contains the reports and statistics tool. The Agent then sends the username/password and Stats and Reports page link to their database.

We will also help you configure and mail your monthly mailing!

We will set-up a MailChimp.com account, import your contacts, design a basic monthly email using our Content and schedule it to automatically send to your entire client list for the next 12 or 24 months. There is no monthly fee for this service. We complete the entire set-up for $200, and that covers 12 months of scheduled e-mails. Each additional 12 months of scheduled e-mails is only $50.

The Agents that use our local real estate content have averaged a 52% Open Rate which is nearly THREE TIMES the average Open Rate percentage for the real estate industry of 18%.