Q. What does FAQ mean?
A. Frequently Asked Question


Q. Can I use Outlook to email the reports each month?

A. You can use any email system. Once the reports and stats tools have been updated, we send an email to you with the URL and username/password. You then send that info out to your database. This method eliminates the need of sending the reports as attachments, which many email systems will block these days.

We recommend using an email marketing system, such as Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp is free up to 2,000 subscribers. What Mail Chimp offers over Outlook is that Mail Chimp conforms to Anti-Spam laws and includes an "unscubscribe" at the bottom of the email. Mail Chimp also allows you to see who opens (and doesn't open) your email in a particular month and how many times they accessed it. Mail Chimp also provides a subscription form that an Agent can put on their website for lead generation.

We offer a Mail Chimp set-up service. For $150 we will set-up your Mail Chimp account, help import all of your contacts, design the e-mail, integrate a subscription form into your Stats and Reports page, and set up automatic e-mails to be sent to your clients for 12 months. Each extra 12 months is only $25. For example, complete set-up and 3 years of automatic e-mails would cost $200. Contact us for more details.


Q. Can't I get this info from the Matrix MLS System?

A. If you haven't already done so, click on our "See An Agent Page" to get access to a Stats and Reports page for your area and compare that with the reports you can get from the Matrix System. It would take an Agent 100+ hours a month to gather and format the data we provide. Our solution requires only a few minutes a month for Agents to get this info to their contact list.

We provide 100's of graphs of local market statistics in an interactive tool that makes it easy for a client to quickly get to the info they are interested in. This means that it's a "one-size-fits-all" stats tool since it has info for everyone, no matter what city or type of property they are looking at.


Q. How do you compare with other keep-in-touch tools offered to Realtors?

A. The saying "Content is King" is definitely the case for email marketing. Content that people don't find interesting will result in a low open rate % and a high rate of unsubscribers. If people mark an Agent's email as SPAM, that can end up hurting an Agent's business.

Much of the content offered to Agents is generic so the vendor can offer the same content to an Agent in Laguna Beach and an Agent in Kentucky. Cleaning tips, recipes, articles about non-real estate related items are common examples offered by vendors.

When looking at email content, find out what the average Open Rate % is for emails using the content. For the real estate industry, the average Open Rate is 18%. Agents using our local content received a 52% open rate average which is almost THREE times the industry average. If a vendor doesn't provide an open rate %, they probably don't want you to know.

The reason why our Open Rate % is so high is that our content is local real estate information that isn't available on Google, Zillow, Zillow, or any other site.


Q. Can I post the Username and Password to my Stats and Reports page on my facebook/blog/website?

A. No. But, you can share the Trend Indicators by clicking the Facebook or Pinterest share icons. You just can't post the Username and Password. The information we provide is MLS info from the CRMLS. Our Monthly Solds Reports are for clients of Agents and we provide formatted reports that agents can print or email to their clients. To assist the Agents in the delivery of the reports we host them on a protected Stats and Reports page. The Agent can send the username/password to their client in person, over the phone, or in an e-mail.

An Agent needs to adhere to the CRMLS Rules and Regulations. Many of the reports an Agent can get from Matrix can't be put on facebook/blog/website as that would violate MLS Rules.