Local, Custom Branded Statistics for you to post on your Facebook, Twitter, Website, or Blog each month.

Facebook, Pinterest, and Website Content

5 Easy Steps

1. We e-mail you your custom link at the beginning of each month, and remind you that it has been updated.

2. You click the Facebook or Pintrest Share Icons below the Trend Indicators. There are a total of 80 indicators updated each month (8 for each City- 4 Homes, 4 Condos.) You can also use the Trend Indicators on your website or blog.

3. Your clients click on the link and interact with statstics they can't get anywhere else. Our Testimonials show how much clients LOVE this data.

4. To see the most detailed information, the Sold Reports, your clients need to contact you for the password. Great lead generation!

5. Talk to your clients. Start dialogues about the information, encourage them to "Share" "Pin It" or "Re-Tweet" to their friends, and remind them that you are the local real estate expert.

Just 5 minutes a month to brand yourself as the expert.

It can't get any easier than this!

What will my page look like?

See an Agent Page Here. You choose the cities, your branding is prominent, and your phone number is BIG!

How do I remember to post the link?

We send you an e-mail around the 10th of the month reminding you that it is time to share your link again.

Why can't I post the password online?

MLS Rules say that you can't display MLS sold details publically, such as the price the property was listed at when it went pending. You can e-mail the password to clients, tell it to them over the phone, or even direct mail it. You just can't post the password in any public place online.

How much does it cost?

Click Here to see our Pricing details.

How long does it take to get set-up?

After you fill out the Order form and e-mail us your professional picture, it takes about 2-3 days to get your page set-up.

Includes up to 10 cities and one area Market Statistics Tool.

No Long term contract. Cancel before the 28th of the month and you will not be charged for the next month.