DaBest Solutions, Inc.

About Us

DaBest Solutions, Inc. was founded by Keith Byrd, a Realtor in San Luis Obispo County. Prior to his real estate career, Keith spent 17 years in Silicon Valley, the last 7 years as Vice President of Marketing for successful high-tech startups. He was one of the first 100 employees at Cisco Systems. 

In 2002, Keith retired from Silicon Valley and moved his family to the Central Coast of California.  It was his experience selling and buying a home that prompted Keith to get his real estate license. He saw how far behind the real estate industry was in leveraging the Internet and created his local real estate website in 2002 and was one of the first Realtors to start a blog.  In 2009, Keith was a finalist for NAR’s Technology Spotlight Award and is featured on Realtor.org’s Masters Series as the “Statistics King”.

Keith's real estate website, SloCountyHomes.com, has been the #1 Central Coast real estate website for the past 10 years. In 2012, his site generated over 7 Million IDX property views.

Keith's business model for the past 7 years is that he refers all the leads he receives through his website to a team of Agents. Since he only is compensated when an Agent closes one his leads, how an Agent works a lead and their close rate is critical. What he found was the Agents didn't have a system to keep in touch with the leads (or their own contacts either). After trying many systems offered to Realtors to keep in touch, he decided to develop his own content for his team to use.

In December 2010, Keith Joined Patterson Realty in San Luis Obispo and brought his website and tools he developed to the Brokerage. In just 2 years, Patterson has grown from $21 Million in Sales in 2010 to $96 Million in 2012, a sales record for the 30-year old brokerage.


With DaBest Solutions, Realtors in the CRMLS now have access to Keith's proven tools to help their own businesses.