"After years in this business I have tried a myriad of programs and systems to maintain communication with my client base.  I've always felt that the products, postcards and newsletters were less than professional and came across and an insincere attempt to solicit more business.  However, with DaBest's product I'm finally proud of the communication because it is clearly perceived as a valuable service."

- Wes Burk, Broker/Owner, Patterson Realty, San Luis Obispo, CA

Why does our Keep-in-Touch system work while others don't?

  1. Content
  2. In an email campaign, it’s all about the Content you send. We provide Content that your current and past clients will want to receive every month. Our Content consists of Sold Reports (by city) and an Interactive Market Statistics tool that provides insight into a local market better than any other statistics product.

    In 2012, Agents that used our monthly Reports and Market Statistics averaged a 52% Open Rate on their monthly emails. That’s almost THREE times the industry average of 18%.

    The real estate info we provide is NOT available on Zillow, Truila, Google, or any other site. Anyone interested in real estate in your area will want this info.  


  3. Easy to use for the client
  4. Your clients come to your page (which we host for you) to get the reports and statistics. Your “Stats and Reports” page is uncluttered and has your phone number prominently displayed. The sold listing reports provide your clients with a quick summary of the market activity in an area they are interested in.  Your clients will get info quickly and will remember who sent it to them because your branding is at the top of every page.

    For local market statistics, we put hundreds of graphs in an interactive “dashboard” and display graphs so they are easy to understand.   These graphs are updated monthly with MLS data. Your clients that want to be informed will really like this tool.  


  5. Easy to use for the Agent
  6. Once you set up the system (meaning getting your contact list together and importing it into an email/CRM system), you can be automatically sending out the monthly reports and statistics to your list for the next several years without having to do anything else.  

    As part of your CRMLS membership, you have free access to the Matrix SmartCRM program.  You can enter your contacts into Matrix and use SmartCRM to send out your monthly emails.

    We also offer an e-mail campaign set-up service. View our Products page for details.


  7. It's Affordable for Every Agent Serious about their Real Estate Career

The cost for the monthly reports and statistics is $29.99/month with a $75 setup fee.

If you sell a $300,000* home due to our keep in touch system, it would pay for our service for the next 17 years. Or another way to look at it is if you sell one $300,000 home each year from the keep in touch system, you’d get a 17 times return on your investment. (*assuming 3% commission side and 70/30 agent/brokerage split).

In addition to using our Reports and Statistics for monthly emails, you can print out city reports and hand them out at Open Houses or use them in listing presentations.  The Market Statistics Dashboard is great for listing presentations to show market trends.


How can an Agent NOT afford to use our Local Content?

The Many Uses of Our Reports and Statstics

  • Agents can email something of interest to their database every month. And we make it easy to send it!
  • At Open Houses, the Agent can hand out our Agent-branded Sold Reports. Our reports are in PDF format which makes them quick and easy to print.
  • For Listing Presentations, handouts of the Sold Reports and discussion of local market trends using our statistics tool is going to tell the homeowner that the Agent is on top of the local market.
  • Agents can use the monthly report mailing for lead generation. ("Would you like local city reports and statistics sent to you each month?")
  • When an Agent gets a new lead from any source, they can set them up to receive their monthly email by adding them to their contact list.
  • Some Sales Coaches tell Agents to physically mail an "Item of Value" to their top prospects each month. Our Reports can be this Item of Value.

All this for Only $29.99/month!